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Limited Inmate Visits Resume This Weekend

Written by on July 24, 2020

There’s a new part of Matthew 25:31-40 that is permissible now: if in prison, you can go visit me.

The Park County Sheriff’s Office Detention Center is allowing limited inmate visits starting this weekend, weekend Saturday, July 25th and Sunday July 26th. The key word is “limited” as there are a number of stipulations and regulations that will need to be followed. Group visits, for instance, are still not permitted. These limited visits do allow for the delivery of approved clothing items, cash for inmate accounts, and clergy/personal visits (taking place behind glass in a visit booth).

There are a number of temporary precautions added in order to keep everyone save from infection:

  • Only inmates that have completed the 14-day quarantine period are eligible for visits.
  • Eligible inmates will be escorted to and from the visit booths while wearing a required mask.
  • Deputies will sanitize each booth in between inmate visits (on the inmate side).
  • Deputies will wear masks and gloves while receiving visitors or items from the public.
  • All visitors are responsible for their own masks, sanitizing wipes, and the sanitation of their booth. While none of these things are required it is highly recommended.
  • There will be NO direct contact between inmates and the public.

These are in additional to the usual list of Inmate Rules and Regulations regarding visitation. You will need to schedule your visit prior to 5 pm the Friday before you intend to visit, and be aware that this system is subject to change. Rules may be changed if its in the best interests of inmate and visitor health.

You can find the full list of Inmate Rules and Regulations here.

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