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“Look, Listen, Learn”

Written by on October 12, 2018

Cody’s Volunteer Fire Department this week is focusing on three key elements of fire prevention.
“Look, Listen and Learn” are the three main points that Park County Fire District 2 Marshal Sam Wilde wants residents to think about during Fire Prevention Week. The department has been visiting elementary schools in the district and will be hosting an open house tomorrow at the Fire Hall at the corner of 11th and Sheridan from 10-2.
Wilde says that this is a good time of year to become more aware of fire safety at home.

Wilde says that the three simple points of this year’s theme are easy to implement. “Look” reminds residents to notice places that fire hazards might exist, such as piles of newspapers by fireplaces or woodstoves, or rolls of paper towels near the kitchen stove. “Listen” is a reminder to check your smoke alarms and know what those warnings sound like in the event that they go off during a fire. And “Learn” refers to your family’s fire escape plans, making sure that every member of the family knows what to do in the event of a house fire.
In addition to tomorrow’s open house, the Department is partnering with Domino’s Pizza next Tuesday night. Firefighters will be delivering pizzas between 5 and 8, and will be checking smoke detectors at every delivery. For homes that have working smoke detectors, they will receive a coupon for a free pizza. For homes that don’t have a working smoke detector, the department will provide and install a new one for free.

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