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Lower Southfork Bridge Closed

Written by on March 8, 2019

Residents on the Lower Southfork are warned that a bridge across the Shoshone River has been closed.

The Park County Public Works Department says that the Lower Southfork Bridge, which is located approximately ½ Mile East of the intersection of roads 6NS and 6QS is closed until further notice, due to ice buildup on the Shoshone River.

According to Park County Engineer Brian Edwards, ice levels between the bridge and the Buffalo Bill Reservoir, as well as ice levels upstream of the bridge, continue to rise, putting pressure on the structural components of the bridge.

Based on recommendations from the Corps of Engineers, the County Engineer decided to close the bridge today until further notice. In the interest of public safety, no travel across the bridge will be permitted. There will be no through access on this route.

Residents located West of the bridge will need to detour using Road 6NS and County Road 6QS, crossing a bridge located at the bottom of the Andy Martin Hill, then re-connecting to the Southfork Road. Residents on the East Side of the Bridge will continue to have access along County Road 6QS.

As a matter of public safety, motorists are advised to travel with caution and report any unusual circumstances that may be observed.

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