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Mountain Lions Sighted in Cody City Limits

Written by on August 21, 2018

Two mountain lions were spotted on Skyline Drive in Cody over the weekend.
The big cats were sighted by a Cody police officer while on patrol in the 600 block of Skyline Drive Friday evening. The officer observed a mountain lion crossing Skyline Drive, coming out of Sulfur Creek and heading toward the golf course, then saw another that had already crossed the road. A second sighting on Saturday night in the Beck Lake area was reported to Game and Fish on Monday.
Game and Fish Large Carnivore Biologist Luke Ellsbury says that mountain lion sightings in town are not unusual. He says that the animals are generally secretive by nature, so if a mountain lion winds up in a developed area, typically it will avoid people and simply move through.
Mountain lions, like other species of wildlife, often use river and stream drainages as natural travel corridors, which can lead them into town. Mountain lions can move long distances, especially juvenile animals that are dispersing in search of their own home range.
However, Ellsbury cautions residents that if they see a mountain lion in an unusual location or residential setting, they are asked to call local Wyoming Game and Fish Department personnel at 527-7125.

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