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Mudslide Near Crandall Still Moving

Written by on June 28, 2018

A meeting tomorrow will update residents on the mudslide that has cut off Squaw Creek Road near Crandall.
County Road XUX was closed last month after weeks of rain and excessive snowmelt triggered a mudslide that destroyed two cabins – and the danger isn’t over. Due to the continued moisture we’ve received in recent weeks, Park County Road and Bridge crews are unable to mitigate the slide, or assist landowners who have property in the area. Park County Homeland Security Coordinator Mart Knapp says that 8 to 10 buildings are still at risk.

There will be a meeting tomorrow at the Painter Store, also known as the Chief Joseph RV Park in Crandall tomorrow evening at 6 p.m. Knapp says the public meeting will feature officials from the Shoshone National Forest, Park County Road and Bridge, and the office of Homeland Security. However, Knapp says despite a request from the agencies, representatives from the Federal Emergency Management Agency will not be in attendance.
According to an article in the Cody Enterprise, Park County engineer Brian Edwards said 450-600 feet of Squaw Creek Road has been buried, and even after repairs it may never be able to follow its former right of way due to changes in the mountain’s water channels.
For now, area residents have been granted access to their property through a private drive. Edwards adds that the cost for a temporary re-route, which they will attempt to begin next week, could be as much as $250,000 dollars, but won’t guarantee that the road will remain passable.

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