New WYDOT Road Closures Help Wyoming Drive Safer and Smarter

Written by on October 3, 2019

The Wyoming Department of Transportation has refined their definitions of seasonal road closures to ensure Wyoming drivers can travel smarter and safer.

The new definitions are meant to clarify not only when roads are closed, but offer an explanation for why they are closed and what dangers are to be avoided.

One new definition is “rolling closures.” When a town is at hotel capacity, a high possibility during a long-duration closure, the closure will be rolled back to the next town down the road to avoid stranding travelers without a safe place to stay.

Another new definition is “partial closure,” when a road is closed to some vehicles but not all. This could mean anything from closing a road to trailers or buses to closing the roads to everything accept local traffic.

The new definitions can be accessed on WYDOT’s 511 website.

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