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Northwest College & MSU Billings Forging an Educational Alliance

Written by on November 1, 2019

Northwest College and Montana State University Billings may soon be working together to offer more options to Wyoming residents.

Montana State University Billings is the nearest four-year university to Powell – only two hours away. Last week, leadership from the Billings campus of Montana State University visited Northwest College, as part of a discussion to forge connections between the two schools.

Both institutions are looking to give their students more opportunities, and both are excited to pursue this goal. This partnership could open the possibility of Wyoming residents receiving Bachelors or Masters degrees in Business, Education, Health, or Music without having to relocate to Billings.

MSU Billings has 13 accreditation organizations that offer a number of degrees and programs. The plan is to have NWC programs compliment and benefit MSU Billings students and vice versa.

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