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Parade Chairs Issue for Council

Written by on August 16, 2018

A unique tradition in Cody over the 4th of July has begun to cause concern for local business owners.
Visitors to Cody often express their surprise that on the night before the Stampede Parades on the 3rd and 4th, locals will place their lawn chairs on the sidewalks downtown to hold their place for the festivities the next day. However, this tradition is being challenged by business owners who say that people are placing their chairs too early, and it’s becoming a problem for people coming in and out of businesses on Sheridan Avenue.
Cody City Administrator Barry Cook says some businesses are frustrated because the chairs are being placed one or two full days prior to the parades, instead of the night before.

Cook says that businesses contacted council members and the Chamber Director about the problem. He says that the City would like to avoid any type of permitting process for the placement of the chairs, and just encourage people to use discretion and be considerate of the traffic flow during such a busy time of the year for downtown businesses.

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