Park County Land Use Plan Shares Timeline & Website

Park County Land Use Plan Shares Timeline & Website – But It Needs You

Written by on April 7, 2022

The Park County Land Use Plan has a website and a detailed timeline so everyone can contribute and keep tabs on the progress of this important process.

After months of preparation and screenings, the Land Use Plan Process has begun. The result will affect Park County, its residents, and the potential of its future for decades to come.

The updated Land Use Plan will establish an overarching vision and goals for Park County, as well as the policy foundation that will guide where and how Park County grows in the future. The County will implement land use guidance established during the Plan Park County process through subsequent updates to the County’s Development Regulations.

Several teams and county leaders are already involved in the planning process, but all have the goal to encourage more public participation.

The core team for the project consists of the Park County Commissioners and key staff with the county’s Planning and Zoning Department. This team will meet bi-weekly with the project team, made up of staff from Clarion Associates – the firm hired to develop the plan.

By this point, all 15 people have been appointed to the Land Use Plan Advisory Committee (L.U.P.A.C.) Committee members – who will only meet four times over the two-year period – will provide citizen perspectives and input on interim work products, assist with community and stakeholder engagement, and serve as community ambassadors for the Land Use Plan process.

The finished plan will be presented and adopted by August 2023.

Courtesy Plan Park County

The first community and stakeholder meetings are scheduled for June 20-23, with one meeting each for the three largest Park County communities.

During this first meeting, the L.U.P.A.C. will share key findings from the State of the County Report – major trends, key issues, and opportunities – currently being created by Clarion Associates. Separate meetings will be held in the evenings for Cody, Meeteetse, Powell, and Clark over the four-day period.

In-person meetings will be accompanied by web-based input opportunities, running for three weeks following each event.

Community and stakeholder input is critical to the success of the Park County Land Use Plan process.

Because of this, the County will offer opportunities for the public to provide input throughout the process, as outlined in this Public Involvement Plan (PIP.)

Overarching objectives for the process are to:

  • Establish (and maintain) open lines of communication.
  • Provide broad and inclusive opportunities for engagement; and
  • Foster leadership and collaboration.

More information on the plan and the process is available on the Park County Land Use Plan website:

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