Park County: Scammer Calling Residents Pretends to be Deputy

Park County: Scammer Calling Residents Pretends to be Deputy

Written by on February 6, 2022

Scammers in Park County are getting more sophisticated, calling residents with the name and phone number of various Park County Sheriff’s Office employees.

On Thursday, Feb. 3, an urgent message was released by the Park County Sheriff’s Office. More county residents are reporting fraudulent calls – but these have a more “personal touch.”

Residents are receiving scam calls from someone claiming to be Deputy Neal Corr using a fake badge number of 07-93. The scammer alerts residents of “outstanding fines” during the call and asks for their credit card information to immediately pay them off.

The Park County Sheriff’s Office will never call and ask for payment of a fine over the phone. In fact, the department does not collect money for fines at all.

This new scam has a considerable level of sophistication. While Deputy Corr is a deputy with the department, the scam caller pretends to be him.

Furthermore, the scammer uses a Park County Sheriff’s Office phone number – 307-527-8710. However, this is a number for the department’s administrative assistant – not Deputy Corr.

Using real phone numbers makes it “very hard” to track the scammers down. Nevertheless, any Park County resident who receives one of these calls is encouraged to report it.

More regional scams are masquerading as official representatives of agencies and companies to gain money fraudulently.

A recent Instagram scam saw someone posing as Cody Mayor Matt Hall and asking locals for personal information. In November 2020, another scammer posed as a Park County Sheriff’s Office deputy or employee and tried to get money to avoid arrest for various warrants.

For the record – no payment can remove an active warrant. If there is an active warrant for your arrest, you are either arrested, or the warrant dropped.

No legitimate Park County Sheriff’s Office employee will ever solicit money from you.

Any recipient of one of these fraudulent calls can reach the Park County Sheriff’s Office at 307-527-8700.

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