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Penalties for Ignoring Elder Abuse

Written by on August 31, 2017

We are all, as Wyoming citizens, legally bound to report abuse and fraud against the elderly.
That’s according to Park County Attorney Bryan Skoric, who cited Wyoming State Statutes that there is a duty to report if you believe a vulnerable adult or elderly person is being exploited or abused. And in the case of financial exploitation, Skoric says those cases are on the rise.
Skoric added that criminal penalties can be imposed against people who know about fraud or abuse and don’t report it. However, he says it is rare for their office to charge anyone with that type of crime. The Park County Attorney’s Office does attempt to prosecute those who are responsible for phone scams, but he says it is difficult to track the perpetrators and bring them to justice. That’s why educating seniors about the signs of scams is key.

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