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Dangers of Soda

The average American drinks about 56 GALLONS of soda a year. Some people actually drink more soda than water each day – and this can severely impact your health! I’m Wendy Corr, with your daily wellness tip.

Soft drinks are a multi-billion dollar product, and they account for a quarter of all beverages consumed in the United States. But here’s the deal – soda isn’t healthy in any amount and there is absolutely no reason or justification for consuming it.

Sure, some will say that anything in moderation is ok, and in most cases, I’d agree. But when it comes to soda, the amount of sugar or artificial sweeteners and additives is so high that there is some doubt that “moderation” can even happen, especially not in the large servings that are so common.

And because as a society, we consume this huge amount of soft drinks each year, it’s important to evaluate how soft drinks can impact your health.

For starters, the sugar! – A single can of soda contains the equivalent of 10 teaspoons of sugar. This amount of sugar, especially in liquid form, skyrockets the blood sugar and causes an insulin reaction in the body. Over time, this can lead to diabetes or insulin resistance, not to mention weight gain and other health problems. And soft drink companies are the largest user of sugar in the country.

Additionally, soda contains phosphoric acid, which interferes with the body’s ability to absorb calcium and can lead to osteoporosis, cavities and bone softening.

Then there’s the artificial sweeteners– In diet sodas, aspartame is used as a substitute for sugar, and can actually be more harmful. It has been linked to almost a hundred different health problems including seizures, multiple sclerosis, brain tumors, diabetes, and emotional disorders.

I know that it can be really difficult for those who consume soda daily to just stop drinking it. So if you’re a soda drinker and are looking for some healthy alternatives, you could try substituting Club soda flavored with a squeeze of fresh fruit juice, or drink water infused with fruit. My favorite is Herbal tea – iced or hot!

Thanks for tuning in to Wellness with Wendy! I love sharing tips and tricks to help you live your best life – so for more health and wellness news and advice, follow my blog on mybighornbasin.com. See you again next time for Wellness with Wendy!

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