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Powell Implementing New School Security Measures

Written by on January 23, 2018

While Cody’s school board is deliberating a policy that would allow staff to carry guns, the school district in Powell is implementing an alternative way to increase security.
Beginning this week, Park County School District No. 1 is using a new electronic sign-in system that requires visitors to scan their driver’s licenses. According to an article in the Powell Tribune, this visitor management system will allow the district to track and monitor visits in a more efficient manner. The system requires visitors to scan their licenses or enter their phone number at an electronic kiosk, after which their photo is taken. That photo is sent to the secretary’s desk, and the secretary prints out a visitor badge if the visitor passes a security check.
Jay Curtis, school district superintendent, told the Tribune that the school district is working to balance a friendly environment with school security. He said this new system is just one component of a more comprehensive security plan, which includes active shooter training for all employees.
Although Cody schools do have a system which requires visitors to be personally buzzed in by the school office during certain times of the day, Park County School District 6 is proposing further measures, which involves arming members of the staff who pass rigorous background checks and undergo training to carry concealed weapons.

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