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Primary Election Certified Today

Written by on August 24, 2018

The State Canvassing Board will be certifying the Primary Election today, and according to Park County officials, the results will stand the way they were left on Tuesday night.
The Park County Clerk’s Office says that the write in ballots were processed on Wednesday, and there were no write-in candidates on the Democratic ticket that would affect the general election. So beginning in 2019, the Park County Commissioners will retain Joe Tilden, and welcome newcomers Dossie Overfield and Lloyd Thiel.
Thiel was not in the top three for much of Tuesday evening, according to the tally of votes as they were being reported. Park County Clerk Colleen Renner says that there was a delay in the final report, as one of the electronic cards from the ballot boxes in Powell got left behind. She says that it goes to show how just one precinct can change the direction of an election.

Anyone wishing to file for candidacy to be considered on the ballot for the general election in November must file by Monday.

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