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Record Inflow to Regional Reservoirs

Written by on June 14, 2017

No surprise to irrigators or recreationists, runoff numbers from the mountains to lakes and reservoirs in the region through next month continue to project at well above average.
According to the Bureau of Reclamation, April through July inflow to Bighorn Lake is forecast to be 2.5 million acre-feet, which is 229 percent of the 30 year average. About half of that is still expected to come in to Bighorn Lake in the next two months. Releases from Yellowtail Dam to the Bighorn River are currently at an astounding 11,500 cubic feet per second, although the release from the reservoir is projected to decline during the month of June.
The April through July inflow to Buffalo Bill Reservoir is forecasted to be 1.1 million acre feet, which is 163 percent of the 30 year average. And the mountains are still holding on to more than half of that – the bureau expects almost 700,000 acre feet of water to flow into the reservoir by the end of July.
The release from Buffalo Bill Dam to the Shoshone River is currently at 3,500 cubic feet per second, which is down from the 2017 peak release last month of 5,500. However, as the spring run-off continues, officials say the release from Buffalo Bill Reservoir to the Shoshone River may exceed 5,500 cfs to manage the reservoir’s rate of fill.

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