Senator Barrasso Shares Video Highlighting Healthier Wyo

Senator Barrasso Shares Video Highlighting Healthier Wyoming Initiative

Written by on July 13, 2022

The University of Wyoming Center on Aging (WyCOA) is launching a program called the “Healthier Wyoming” initiative. According to a recent press release, “The goal of Healthier Wyoming is to empower all Wyoming residents to take charge of their health by providing a comprehensive, statewide directory of chronic disease prevention and management resources.”

Courtesy of the University of Wyoming’s Center on Aging

Healthier Wyoming has a website that provides resources on evidence-based programs available in Wyoming, including the Diabetes Prevention Programs (DPP), Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support Programs (DSMES), Healthy U – Choric Disease Self-Management Program, and information on heart disease prevention and Self-Monitored Blood Pressure Programs.

This initiative will be offered in partnership with the Wyoming Department of Health – Chronic Disease Prevention Program and the Wyoming Center for Aging. Folks looking for more information on these programs can click here.

“The evidence-based programs supported by the Healthier Wyoming initiative are based on rigorous research and serve to educate and empower participants to grab the reins of their health and live their best, healthiest, and most fulfilling lives. Programs focus on addressing relevant health risks to Wyoming residents,” the press release states.

WyCOA Regional Resource Coordinator, Maggie Kougl, says, “It’s the perfect time to take action and move towards a healthier you. The resources and programs offered around the state can help those living with chronic health challenges.”

According to the 2020 CDC’s National Diabetes Statistics Report, one in three adults in Wyoming have prediabetes, and 84% do not know they have it. Concerned individuals can use the CDC’s Risk Assessment tool to evaluate their risk for diabetes and prediabetes.

The CDC found in 2018 that “7.9%” of adults in Wyoming reported being diagnosed with diabetes. Programs and tools like Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support provide valuable information and skills to help adults manage their diabetes. Healthy U, one of these Chronic Disease Self-Management Educations programs offered within the Healthier Wyoming initiative, is a free six-week program designed to help participants manage chronic health conditions. These evidence-based programs are particularly relevant for older Wyoming residents, who have “2-3 times higher rates of chronic disease” compared to national averages.

Heart disease continues to be a significant threat to Americans and is the leading cause of death worldwide based on findings by the American Heart Association’s Heart Disease and Stroke Statistics from 2021. “Nearly 18.6 million people across the globe died of cardiovascular disease in 2019 and 523.2 million cases of cardiovascular disease were reported,” the American Heart Association reports.

Wyoming Senator John Barrasso has produced a video highlighting the resources available on the Healthier Wyoming website, noting that this resource focuses on education and support of health conditions affecting Wyoming residents. As Senator Barrasso explains, “Healthier Wyoming is a resource for those with chronic health conditions, but also a resource for Wyoming healthcare providers.”

Resource Coordinator Kougl says, “We are excited that our work with the Wyoming Department of Health Chronic Disease Prevention Program has garnered the attention of many in the state, including Senator Barrasso. Our goal is to create a Healthier Wyoming for everyone through education and health resources. The Healthier Wyoming initiative is an important resource for those living with chronic health conditions and providers supporting patients.”

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