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Six People Arrested for Child Endangerment

Written by on September 14, 2017

Six people were taken into custody on Tuesday on charges of child endangerment related to the use of methamphetamines.
Around 1:30 p.m. on September 12th, multiple agencies descended upon 3004 Kent Avenue in Cody to carry out an arrest warrant that was issued after a confidential informant notified police that methamphetamine was being used by the adults who lived there, despite the presence of children. Five young children were taken into custody by the department of family services, and several adults were arrested at that time. Others were arrested later in the day after officers tracked them down, according to Police Lieutenant Jason Stafford.
Stafford says the address was not unknown to the officers, as the department has been called to the residence for disturbance calls and nuisance complaints in the past. He adds that the massive arrest required the coordination of multiple law enforcement and social service agencies.

Stafford says that the six adults were charged with child endangerment, and one was additionally charged with being under the influence of a controlled substance. Those arrested were 24 year old Samantha Caldwell, 30 year old Kyle Catanzarite, 23 year old Nikisha Grandpre, 25 year old Jacqueline Wilcott, and 30 year old Travis Tunget, all Cody residents. 47 year old Edgar Hume was charged with both child endangerment and use of methamphetamines.
They are set to appear in Park County Circuit Court on Friday morning before Judge Bruce Waters.

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