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Smokey Urges Caution When Recreating in Wyoming

Written by on August 9, 2019

Only YOU can prevent forest fires.

With that simple phrase, Smokey Bear has influenced generations of children and adults alike. Since 1944, the Forest Service has offered advice on how to be good stewards of the lands through advertising and other outreach, with Smokey as the friendly face of the agency.

Smokey turns 75 years old today, and his words are needed as much now as they were then, particularly in the west, where raging wildfires have devastated miles of forest and grasslands over the last few years.

Even now, more than a dozen small fires have been reported in the Wind River and Bighorn Basin District of the Bureau of Land Management in the last few days; and the Shoshone National Forest has reported small single tree and small group tree fires started by lightning.

And although humans can’t control the lightning, we can be sure to recreate smartly on public lands—ensure your campfire is OUT before leaving camp, secure chains when towing, and avoid driving or parking on dry grass or brush.

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