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Southfork Road Improvement Gets Commissioner Approval

Written by on May 18, 2017

The Park County Commissioners this week voted to approve the application for a grant that would fund a much needed road project southwest of Cody.

Assistant County Engineer Jeremy Quist has been working on a project proposal for the federal lands access program that would fund a complete road reconstruction from the end of state maintenance on the South Fork highway through the end of the County Road. Quist said that the project would include replacing two bridges, reclaiming all the existing pavement, replacing all the failing culverts, and improving drainage.

Quist says that the 26 miles of pavement is roughly 40-50 years old, and was never properly constructed in the first place. He says it’s costing the county more money to maintain the road every year.

The project will cost $16.8 million dollars, of which the County would have a minimum cost share of 9.51%, and the one percent sales tax money would help to fund the county’s portion. Additionally, the County would use gravel mined near the Andy Martin Hill, which would add to the county’s contribution towards the project. But by reconstructing the road, the County Engineer’s office calculates that the county will save around $150,000 in maintenance costs.

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