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Splash Park Could Become Reality

Written by on May 15, 2018

A City recreation project that’s been in the works for 14 years is finally gaining momentum.
A splash park – an outdoor water recreation area that has little or no standing water, so no lifeguards are necessary – was first proposed back in 2004, and the idea has been kicked back and forth since then, according to Cody Parks and Recreation Director Rick Manchester.
Only in the past few months has the idea finally gotten legs, thanks to the participation of the Cody Recreation Foundation and the Shoshone Rec Foundation. Manchester says that the Council’s criteria included that the project be completed at no cost to the City, so with the backing of the two foundations and an anonymous donor who pledged to cover the costs of maintaining the park, the idea may soon be a reality.
Manchester says that the idea was brought to the City Council at their work session last week, with three possible locations in mind – at City Park, either by the statue of Buffalo Bill or by the mini golf course; at the Rec Center near the windows by the pool; or at Mentock Park. Manchester says that the council favored the Mentock Park location, for several reasons.

Manchester says that the overall cost of the project will be between $350 and $400 thousand dollars, so fundraising work will begin soon, but he adds that work on the 4500 square foot splash park wouldn’t be able to begin until September or October.

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