Written by on December 31, 2018

The Cody Stampede Board has issued a public statement in response to the public’s reaction to an incident that transpired in Las Vegas that has resulted in division among board members and the local Nite Rodeo contractor.
Allegations have been made that a man who has ties to the Stampede Board made racist and sexually charged comments to a member of the family of the Stampede’s stock contractor while at the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas earlier this month. According to Board President Keith Nelson, the person who is accused of making those comments has been banned for life from the Stampede rodeo grounds.
The Board released a statement today that thanked rodeo fans for their quote, “support, passion, and loyalty to Cody, the Stampede Rodeo, and the Cody Nite Rodeo,” endquote. In the statement, they acknowledged the recent events that have caused quote, “frustration and pain for many members of the Cody community, and the Stampede Rodeo community, both near and far,” endquote, and apologized for those events.
The statement went on to say that they are working hard to sort out this, quote, “very complex and very regrettable situation,” endquote, and asked for the community’s patience as they continue to receive information, seek guidance, and take appropriate action on these recent events.
They added that they are striving to be diligent, thorough, professional, and respectful in how they move forward, and pledged their efforts to put on a memorable 100th anniversary celebration of the Stampede Rodeo this summer.

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