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“Stop the Bleed” Training Will Save Lives

Written by on June 8, 2018

A recent grant provided to law enforcement agencies will help save lives.
Thanks to grant monies provided by Merit Energy, all law enforcement vehicles in Park County are now equipped with “Stop the Bleed®” kits.
Monte McClain, Communications Supervisor for the Park County Sheriff’s office and Emergency Medical Technician for Powell Valley Healthcare, says more than half of people with traumatic injuries, including hemorrhaging, die within minutes of the accident or injury.
Lance Mathess with the Park County Sheriff’s Office says the kits will provide law enforcement officers with the ability to control bleeding in catastrophic, life-threatening situations when emergency medical personnel have not yet arrived on scene.

Grant monies from Merit Energy were used to purchase tourniquets. These, combined with medical supplies donated by Powell Valley Healthcare and Guardian Flight, as well as free training donated by the Powell Valley Healthcare EMS Service, have enabled all officers within the Sheriff’s Office and Police Departments, as well as Search & Rescue volunteers, to immediately treat catastrophic bleeds.

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