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Stressed Parents and Kids Need Each Other During Coronavirus Crisis

Written by on April 6, 2020

Its okay to be stressed or unsettled during these unprecedented times. But how are your kids handling it?

The Wyoming Department of Family Services sends out a reminder that parents and their kids will need additional support right now, as everyone will be feeling the effects of enhanced stress during the coronavirus crisis. Ed Heimer, field administrator and licensed clinical social worker with the department, says that its easy to fall into a negative thought cycle. But negative thoughts can easily provoke negative behaviors. And this can turn inwards on families as illness and public health orders keep everyone confined together.

Communication between parents and kids is more important than ever, as is positive support and a calm environment at home. But other types of communication – namely the kind we get from certain media – might be best switched off for the benefit of everyone. Try putting on your favorite music or just kicking back for a little bit.

Keep an eye on and monitor your children, especially adolescents, for signs of increased stress. Signs can include irritability, changes in behavior and changes in eating and sleeping habits. Kids look to adults for their cues on how to process and deal with stress, so stepping in can make a world of difference, and always encourage them to process their feelings in whatever way they are comfortable with or enjoy.

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