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Summer Tourism Guide Infiltrated by PETA Pamphlet

Written by on June 25, 2020

There was another plague that attempted to make its way into Cody – PETA.

In the latest summer visitor guide, published by the Cody Enterprise, they made a rather unpleasant discovery – a professional produced promotional page. From PETA, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. The title, in flashy western-style lettering, was “Why Rodeos Are Cruel.” And, in typical PETA fashion, the slick design was accompanied by pictures of distressed animals and rhetoric decrying rodeo in the rodeo capital of the world. The final paragraph was a plea to visitors to not support animal cruelty, ergo to not attend the Cody Nite or Cody Stampede Rodeos.

Naturally, this insert was not sanctioned by the Cody Enterprise. In fact, in typical PETA fashion, it was literally an insert – haphazardly smuggled into the visitor guide.  PETA is known for their controversial and (ironically) unethical practices in order to advance their skewed agenda of animal welfare. This stealthy effort to undermine Cody’s 101-year tradition fits entirely into their modus operandi.

The Cody Enterprise reiterates that they had absolutely no intention of letting this PETA stunt happen. They have removed all the inserts that they are aware of, but exactly how many are out there is unknown.

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