SYP: Adrienne Cronebaugh and Dan Cossaboon, mental health

SYP: Adrienne Cronebaugh, Dan Cossaboon, Mental Health in Park County

Written by on January 19, 2023

Adrienne Cronebaugh, Community Mental Health Coordinator for Park County School District Number 1, and Dan Cossaboon, Neuropsychologist and School Psychiatrist for Park County School District Number 6, spoke about how kids are going through a lot more and dealing with depression and suicide much more than other generations.  They also talked about resources for adults and kids when it comes to mental health here in Park County.  Also, they talked about House Bill 138 currently going through the legislation that would make suicide prevention training mandatory for sixth through twelfth grades in the state.

Adrienne Cronebaugh & Dan Cossaboon on SYP

(l to r) Adrienne Cronebaugh, Dan Cossaboon


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