SYP: Mike Adkinson | Big Horn Basin Media

Mike Adkinson is a man on a mission.  A slow, often hazardous mission, but a mission nonetheless. Mike is driving across the country, from Minnesota to Washington State on a John Deere tractor (top speed 14 MPH), to raise awareness for Parkinson’s Disease.  Mike’s brother was officially diagnosed with the medical condition about four years ago and he has wanted to do something to help his brother and raise awareness for the APDA.  So far, he’s raised over $50K for the cause. He traveled through Cody, on his way to Yellowstone, and then head west for Washington.  If you see him driving on his tractor, make sure you wave!

John Deere Tractor

Mike Adkinson is driving his John Deere tractor, nicknamed “Spirit of Friends,” across the country to raise awareness and money for Parkinsons Disease research and care. (Photo courtesy of Mac Watson).

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