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Taco Bell Files Petition to Liberate “Taco Tuesday” from Taco John’s

Written by on June 28, 2023

The fight for “Taco Tuesday” has officially begun with punches flying back and forth from two rival, and beloved fast food taco joints. As of now, the end of the feud is far from in sight. 

Despite Taco Bell’s dedicated fight to detach the trademark “Taco Tuesdays” from the Wyoming-based food chain, Taco John’s, is proving to be a difficult feat. 

Taco Bell, founded by Glen Bell in 1954, filed a petition last month in an attempt to “cancel” the trademark so that it would be open to commercial use around the country, rather than being gatekept by its rival fast-food restaurant. The accuser argues that the common phrase should “be freely available to all who make, sell, eat, and celebrate tacos,” without the mandate requiring them to ask for permission to use the slogan, according to CNN

Taco Bell continues to complain that they, or any other taco restaurant, can face legal issues if they neglect to gain permission for using the slogan, “simply for pursuing happiness on a Tuesday.” 

In response, Spicy Seasonings, the parent company of Taco John’s blatantly says that the lawsuit makes unnecessary claims that are overflowing with “statements of opinion to which no response is required, including that Tuesday is a mediocre day of the week.” 

In addition, Taco John’s expresses certainty that they have the right to utilize their trademark rights against anyone who infringes upon it, no matter the brand. They deny that prosecuting anyone who breaks the terms of their license would violate any “American ideal.” 

However, the case is beginning to lean towards Taco Bell’s favor. The case is now becoming a legitimate indictment, according to trademark attorney Josh Gerben, due to Taco Bell’s quick action of scoring “an early press relations victory by the well-coordinated roll-out of the cancelation actions.” 

Gerben tells CNN that careful inspection of the case will continue to ensure that Taco Bell has not created any loopholes by “attempting to assist other restaurants or celebrities to use Taco Tuesday in an attempt to invalidate their trademark rights,” perhaps with a similar customer survey.”

He also recognizes that a final resolution would not come soon. “This is not going to be something where Taco Bell is going to be able to declare victory anytime soon,” he said.

So the fight for “Taco Tuesday,” has begun, but no one knows how it will end. The slogan lives in many hearts and fills the spirit with joy and anticipation of a beloved tradition to enjoy a taco on the day that seemed to adopt them. 

Whether there is and to the dispute or not, the phrase, “Taco Tuesday,” will live forever.

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