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Recreational Marijuana

Richard Jones from Wyoming Citizens Against Normalization, or WYCAN, spoke about the increase number of states that are legalizing recreational marijuana, the whole cannabis industrial complex, and how some states that legalized cannabis are having regrets.  He also spoke on the SAFER act in Congress that Senator Lummis (R-WY) supports.

Richard Jones, from Wyoming Citizens Against Normalization, spoke about how marijuana laws don’t work in the states that decriminalize or make pot legal.  Richard also spoke about how the “normalization” of pot by the marijuana industrial complex actually has changed out society and not for the good.

Richard Jones, from WyCAN, which is an anti-drug organization, specifically targeting marijuana, spoke about recent laws that were not passed in Wyoming.  Richard also spoke about Delta 8 and synthetic pot as well.

Richard Jones, from the group Wyoming Citizens Against Normalization, discussed the adverse effects of marijuana on the individual and society.  He also spoke about how there is big money behind the “normalizing” of pot and how insidious it’s become.  

By ELLEN GERST and VICTORIA EAVIS Casper Star-Tribune CASPER, Wyo. (AP) — Two people bundled for the winter winds hurry into the neon green-walled back office of Platte Hemp, tossing thick paper packets into an open safe in the corner before rushing back out again. They’re going to The Fort Saloon next on this Wednesday…

House Bill 209 is one of the many bills circulating the legislation currently and it would grant anyone in the state the age of 21 or above the right to recreationally possess or cultivate marijuana. The real news here is the money that it could bring the state as the Wyoming Legislative Service Office came…

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