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Phillip Bowman, Cody Public Works Director and City Engineer, spoke about the latest on the Big Horn Avenue project at Freedom Street.  Phillip also spoke about why water rates in Cody will be going up eight percent on December 1st.  He also explained how the City comes up with their rate for water usage.  

Phillip  Bowman, the Public Works Director for the City of Cody, spoke about the temporary crosswalk that has been installed on Big Horn Avenue at Freedom Street.  Phillip also talked about the Master Plan study as well as a newly approved storm drainage utility fee.

The Cody Police Department has a reminder for anyone with a vehicle parked on the street. Officers have noted an increase of vehicles – cars, trucks, and trailers – that are parked in the street with either expired registration or no registration whatsoever. This is against the Cody Municipal Code, which specifically cites street parking…

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