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The Legacy Will Remain for the Lady Warriors

Written by on November 6, 2020

The nights of practice. Parents taking their girls to and from them. Those days never leave you. They become part of your character. The effort it takes to do something special, be something special. That remains as well.

The sting, that’s temporary, but you can’t tell that to seven Lady Warrior Seniors. Not right now. Not tonight. Maybe not for awhile. Some will play again, we hope they all do. Reality? That may be different. It hurts, bad.

This is the part we do best. Remember the Legacy, the grit, the drive and desire. Those things never leave you. That’s what makes youth sports so amazing. Ten girls grew together, bonded, loved, and won together. ALOT! seven Seniors were in two consecutive State Title games. That’s pretty amazing. Against odds and turmoil of a world that has changed quickly. They wear mask, it doesn’t bother them. They just want to play. I’ve been lucky enough to get to know these girls. Basketball last season and Volleyball this season. What a group.

I’ll break this down with stats in a day or two. But I like them, and you, feel the sting. So much good out of this. We’ll break it down…. but not today. Thank you Worland for having me. The legacy will remain for the Lady Warriors. For many years to come.


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