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The Roads Hurt Man!

Written by on February 22, 2021

The road less traveled. By Robert Frost and the plow.

It was full of snow, ice, pot holes, and slush. It hurt man! So that was not exactly what Robert Frost said, but the road less traveled is somehow the road we always take.

Have you ever been down a magical road like this? Silly question. We all have. Hello snow plows. I wish I knew you by name, so I could thank you. Turns out I am not the only one that thinks that! Scotland had the idea before it even crossed our minds. Why not name them? That to me speaks massive winter love. Name them and follow them, just like the creepy apps on our phone that tells us where our kids or other loved ones are.

We all can yell a name by either love or frustration. We do it everyday.



(INSERT NAME) My little angel you are perfect!

Their snow plows have real life names, all of them. You can follow them in actual time as to where they are going to plow away our winter cold cold tears into, well our yards or other places. I guess just off the street works for most of us right!

Plougher O’ Scotland, Snowcially Distanced, Sled Zepplin, Salt Disney, Artic Angel, Lord Coldemert & your Blizzard Harry, and you can not forget  Bear Chills. Just to name a few of their super plow community making their streets streets again.

They clearly deserve a license to chill as well as a license to drive!

So if you could name a plow what what its beautiful ice cold name be?

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