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The Upside of Unemployment? More Workers for New Industries

Written by on January 28, 2020

Cody Labs. CertainTeed. Several large-scale employers have shut their doors and left dozens of quality Cody workers without jobs. Is there any solace to soothe our fears? Absolutely.

Despite the closure of these major employers in Cody, the overall unemployment rate in Cody has been low for several years. While this is usually something that is universally celebrated, James Klessens, CEO of Forward Cody, has a different perspective.  As he is approached by industry leaders and entrepreneurs, their first question is what kind of skilled workforce is available to them.  Cody’s unemployment is so low that those workers are either unavailable or “cannibalized” from other jobs. This is far from ideal.

The moral of this story is that skilled manufacturing jobs are at a premium to employees and employers. Whatever skills helped an employee succeed at CertainTeed might be applicable at Gunwerks or future businesses that plan to establish themselves in Cody. Klessens says that while the present might look bleak and depressing, Cody’s future only continues to get brighter.  We will lick our wounds, and move on.

And those employees looking for work will be sought after in the new industries that will find their home in Cody.

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