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Things You Do For Your Kids

Written by on April 20, 2021

Now I know, that I’m not the only parent out there who has gone out of their way, to make sure their kids are happy.  Whether in the form of a birthday party, having a solo day with the said child or maybe it’s as simple as going to the park.

My oldest daughter has her 6th birthday coming up soon & in the office, we started talking about what we have done, for our children.  There’s about a year & half age difference between my kids, so we’re always thinking about the next birthday party.   Last fall, during the pandemic, my youngest was going through this Christmas phase & she requested a Christmas birthday party.  So guess what we did?

Yep!  We had Christmas in September 🙂

I literally took the pre-lit Christmas tree out of storage, decorated it with all the things she liked at the time & put her birthday gifts under the tree.  I even got her a cake from Walmart, scraped off the decoration & put our own Christmas spin on it.  I’ve gotta say…Even though it was a complete last-minute effort, it was a fun birthday party!

What unique things have you done, to go out of your way, for the kids??

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