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Tilden, Overfield, Thiel Win Commissioners Race

Written by on August 22, 2018

Park County voters threw their support wholeheartedly behind two of the candidates for County Commissioner.
In a race in which only three of the ten candidates running would win seats on the Park County Commission, two clear leaders emerged early – incumbent Joe Tilden and former school board chair and head of Northwest Rural Water, Dossie Overfield. Tilden walked away with almost 18 percent of the votes, and Overfield garnered just over 14 percent of the 23,000 votes cast in that race.
The third seat was a much tighter race. According to the polls, by the end of the evening, contractor and rancher Lloyd Thiel won the seat, with eleven percent of the vote. Closely behind Thiel was Richard George with 9 percent, Pat Stuart received just over 8 percent of the votes, and Zach Bowman came in with 7.7 percent.
The three County Commissioner’s positions will appear on the ballots during the general election, but barring a significant write-in effort, Tilden, Overfield and Thiel will begin their terms in January. No Democratic candidates filed for the opportunity.

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