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VA Owes Veterans Benefits

Written by on November 21, 2018

Wyoming Senator Mike Enzi is pressing the Department of Veterans Affairs regarding reports that thousands of veterans are not receiving their full GI Bill benefits.
The Senator’s office released a statement this week saying that the Department’s information technology systems have undergone failures, which means that since August 1, hundreds of thousands of veterans have either not received their monthly housing allowance for fall 2018 or received an incorrect amount.
Enzi, in his role as Senate Budget Committee Chair, is putting pressure on the agency to fix the problems, which he says have forced our veterans to go without money to pay for basic necessities like food and rent, with some facing potential eviction or the prospect of getting kicked out of school. He added, quote, “They deserve better.” Endquote.
Enzi is seeking information on how much money the VA has spent to address this IT system failure and the number of employees working to address this problem, and says he would also like to know how long will it take the VA to reimburse the veterans who did not receive their MHAs or received incorrect MHAs.

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