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Wapiti’s Big Boy Absent With Leave

Written by on May 11, 2020

Has coronavirus taken on of the region’s most visible residents?

Cody resident Greg Wise reported a startling discovery this weekend: Big Boy is gone. One of the more bizarre landmarks along the Northfork Highway just outside Wapiti, the Big Boy statue has inspiring hilarity and confusion from its concrete pedestal in the middle of a pasture along the highway for years. But he’s not there now. One his absence was reported on the Facebook group Wyoming Thru the Lens, it inspired lots of concern and alarm. Many assumed that “our Boy” has been stolen.

Thankfully, this isn’t the case. The Wapiti Big Boy is not missing, just getting a spring cleaning of his own. Wise was fully aware of the Boy’s status and was allowing for a Facebook reaction to occur before sharing the truth. It seems this achieved the desired effect, with people’s anger and sadness only surpassed by their relief that the Big Boy will soon be loftily holding his hamburger along the Northfork Highway for many more years to come.


As of yesterday, the concrete pedestal is still without its Big Boy. He should finish his quarantine cleaning and be back at his post fairly soon.

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