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War Dog Memorial On Track for Installation in August

Written by on May 1, 2018

A new addition to the State Veteran’s Memorial Park is on track to be installed by the end of summer.
Bill Sheets, speaking on behalf of the Veteran’s Memorial Park Foundation, gave an update to the City Council last Tuesday regarding the status of the War Dog Monument. The monument has been in progress for several years, and Sheets told the Council that the project is almost complete.
John Phelps, a local artist and veteran himself, has completed the sculpture, according to Sheets, and the casting process should be completed in early August. Sheets told the Council that the Foundation is preparing to dedicate the monument by the end of August.
Sheets detailed where the sculpture will be placed in the park, adding that the foundation and area around the sculpture should be prepared by the 4th of July. He said that part of the consideration of the location was because it will be in a position of guarding the park.
Sheets added that the ground surrounding the monument will be covered with red paving stones, which will honor veterans and war dogs. He also verified for the Council that the funding is in place to pay for the entire project.

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