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WATCH: Grizzly Bears In Yellowstone Fight Over Elk Carcass

Written by on September 28, 2020

The collared Bear stole the kill from the other, after a long stand off it finally came to this..:) Yellowstone

Posted by Sam Maggio on Saturday, September 26, 2020


When it comes to grizzly bears, there are two things they are extremely protective over – their cubs and their kills.

It’s been a busy week animal-wise in Yellowstone, and that trend continued recently as two grizzly bears were caught on camera fighting over an elk carcass. The grizzly that was guarding the carcass is the same one that made news last week for its dramatic takedown of a bull elk in the Yellowstone River.

In this new video of the clashing grizzlies, the attacking grizzly charged the bear guarding the carcass resulting in the two bears attacking one another on their hind legs. Growls from both grizzlies can be heard in the video as they swiped at each other.

Ultimately, the attacking bear decided to give up before taking any substantial damage. Nonetheless, the sheer brutality of these creatures was on full display and onlookers got to see quite the entertaining sight.

Seeing the true ferocity of these grizzlies is a reminder that you never want to be on the wrong end of a grizzly encounter.  Two bowhunters recently found that out the hard way, but luckily both escaped with their life.   

Yellowstone is a very wild place and animals clashing with one another is quite common.  If you haven’t seen the original video of the grizzly taking down the elk, it is well worth a watch. The video can be found below, along with more details related to the event.

WATCH: This Yellowstone Grizzly Takes Down an Elk in Epic Wyoming Fashion


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