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What In The Actual Peeps? Peepsi?

Written by on March 25, 2021

As Easter is approaching candy companies are trying to one hop each other on great sugar ideas. Peeps Marshmallow Brand and Pepsi may have just won 2021. They have been the classic Peeps established all the way back in 1953. They got this and know what they are doing. Smart to team up with Pepsi and create a beverage we never knew we try.

The world was not even sure if peeps would be returning to our store shelves for Easter up until last month, because of the world we live in now. The good news is we do in fact get have our very festive goodies, and then some. Pepsi and Peeps just made a sugar filled delight. The two very iconic brands known around the world have decided to bring what they do best together just when we needed most. Or did we?

They have decided to come out with a marshmallow flavored soda. The super crisp taste of the cola with a overly sweet peeps cute little face right into your face. The new drink will come in 7.5 oz cans that come in peeps pink, blue, and yellow. The only catch is it will not be available in stores.

If you want try try this guaranteed visit to the dentist you can post a picture of you and your “peeps” enjoying springtime. Of course in your picture you must be practicing social distancing. They will only be giving away 3,000 packages according to CNN. They explained the hashtag you need and how to win. I am sorry to all the Peeps fans out there, as well as the Pepsi fans that you can’t just go and purchase it. Let down I know, because who doesn’t want to drink this daily let alone give it to their kiddos…

Pepsi is known for having crazy seasonal flavors, but this one may just win the what in the world award if there was one. Marshmallow flavored soda. They really should name it Peepsi if you ask me.  Maybe one day this will be a thing that you can have to hang with your peeps during the Easter season if it takes off! What will they think of next?

Check out the little Peep jumping in with Pepsi in this cute little video! It will make your day and make you smile. Happy Easter!

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