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What’s in your name?

Written by on April 5, 2021

According to a professor of psychology in Great Britain we sometimes associate names with rich and famous people. 7000 male and female people were asked to imagine they were about to meet a group of people and identify those that they thought were most successful, most attractive and the luckiest.

The top three names that sound successful: Elizabeth, Caroline, Helen and James, Richard, Michael.

The top three that sound attractive: Sophie, Rachel, Olivia and Ryan, James, Jack.

The top three names that sound luckiest: Lucy, Katie, Lisa and Jack, Chris, Ryan.

Names that make people sound unsuccessful: Ryan and Brian for the men and Lucy and Lisa for the women.

Names that make you sound unlucky: Thomas and John for the guys and Elizabeth and Helen for the women.

One final category, names that make people sound unattractive; Thomas and George for men and Jane and Ann for women.

You can find out what’s in your name here!

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