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What’s With All The Hate for Candy Corn? 

Written by on September 29, 2022

October is officially here and it’s time we start looking ahead towards Halloween.

Ahhhhhh, Fall. The leaves start to change colors, the weather begins to cool down, and the pumpkin spice lattes are in full force. Depending on where you live, Fall also means that life starts to slow down as temperatures continue to drop. It also acts as a reminder that the holidays are quickly approaching.

When you ask people what their favorite holiday is, it’s common to hear someone say Halloween. Whether their favorite part is dressing up, attending a haunted house, or hanging out with friends, Halloween continues to be a favorite amongst many.

What’s my favorite part of Halloween? Well, that’s easy! Eating lots and lots of candy!

But I have one question… what’s with all the hate for Candy Corn?

Candy Corn was created in the 1880s by George Renninger, who was an employee at a candy factory. The candy’s ingredients include things such as sugar, corn syrup, and food dye. While this may sound ironic, when Candy Corn was first introduced, it was an instant hit! People would buy it in bulk and enjoy its flavors year round, not just near Halloween.

It seems those years have passed as it continues to land on lists that highlight “the most hated candies.” But why?

Maybe it’s the “wax-like” texture that it has as it crumbles when chewing it. The obvious answer would be that people just don’t like its taste. Is it too sweet?

Today.com interviewed food expert, Marie Wright, who broke it down to a science. Wright stated, “It’s really funny, it seems to be a very emotional candy. People have a real strong opinion. It’s almost like, if you want to start a little bit of a heated discussion, you can ask somebody about candy corn … It seems to evoke a very strong response.”

She continued by saying, “The area of the brain where we process smell… is in the same part of the brain where we store memories and evoke emotion. In that primitive part of the brain, often there is a strong connection between an event, especially when it’s food.”

Whether you are a fan or not, Candy Corn continues to be a big debate as we inch our way closer to Halloween.

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