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Will A $5 Meal Deal Be Coming To McDonald’s Restaurant?

Written by on May 22, 2024

Bah da bah bah bah….people aren’t loving it. And by “it,” customers are complaining that McDonald’s prices are too high.

So, is a meal deal coming to the McDonald’s restaurant in Cody? That depends.

McDonald’s has faced criticism as prices soared in recent years, resulting in less revenue and reduced foot traffic in stores. As a result, Chief Executive Officer Chris Kempczinski said in a late April first-quarter earnings call that McDonald’s has to be “laser-focused on affordability,” according to USA Today.

McDonald’s has since promised a reduction in prices and expressed interest in exploring more avenues to win customers back, which could include $5 meal deals, according to reports.

The idea of a meal deal isn’t new. An initiative to introduce a $5 meal deal specifically was rejected by franchise operators, reported Bloomberg and CBS, but is now being re-proposed with some new terms.

The newly-proposed,$5 meal deal will reportedly offer a choice of a McChicken, McDouble, or four-piece chicken McNuggets with fries and a drink.

Bloomberg reported that McDonald’s corporate is still working with franchise owners on plans to roll out the deals. As McDonald’s deals can be regional, it is not yet known where or when the meal will be introduced.

An order of McDonald's fries.

McDonald’s CEO on affordability

McDonald’s CEO Kempczinski has emphasized affordable pricing in recent earnings calls.

“I think what you’re going to see as you head into 2024 is probably more attention to what I would describe as affordability,” he said in February. He noted that eating at home has become more affordable and said “the battleground is certainly with that low-income consumer.”

He continued to push affordability in an April earnings meeting. “Consumers continue to be even more discriminating with every dollar that they spend as they face elevated prices in their day-to-day spending, which is putting pressure on the industry,” Kempczinski said. “It’s imperative that we continue to keep affordability at the forefront for our customers.”

McDonald’s meal boxes, local deals

One of McDonald’s location-based deals went viral in March as one Texas mom shared a $12 meal box she got from the chain that she said fed her family of five.

“There’s two cheeseburgers in here, but there are four small fries, ten-piece chicken nuggets and there’s two Big Macs. $12 y’all,” she said in the video. In another clip, she showed her receipt, which read “MickeyD’s Dinner Box” at the price of $12.19. After tax, the total came to $13.20, though commenters from across the U.S. chimed in to say that the price was regional.

Some reported similar meal box deals selling for $18.99 to $35.99 in their states. McDonald’s told USA TODAY that franchisee store owners set their own prices and have the flexibility to create promotions that will drive demand in their restaurants. These promotions may vary by restaurant. Generally, shareable, bundled deals vary by location and fans can access them through the app.

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