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Winter Blues – Travel Edition

Written by on February 25, 2023

If you’re anything like me, you’re ITCHING to get out & about again.  I won’t lie, I’m already online looking for my next trip (Rome 2024, baby!!)  Will a trip happen this year?  No idea, but I won’t take the possibility off the table 🙂

A recent NerdWallet analysis of travel inflation has found that a typical trip now costs 15% more than it did before the pandemic. But you don’t HAVE to spend a fortune to enjoy your vacation.  Here are some tips that I picked up when I was planning my trip to Türkiye two years ago…

*Know Where To Look – There are endless travel & booking websites out there & everyone has their preferences,  but two of my favorites are Google Flights & TripAdvisor.  GF will check all of the major carriers for you & TA will do the same with all of the discount sites, which can be handy if you have a tight budget.

*When To Book – Ehh, this one is up for debate, depending on who you speak to & while I’m not a travel expert, I have had some luck finding deals mid-week.  Also keep in mind that if your trip is in the summer, that’s also the peak tourist season for many other countries.

*Culture Shock – It’s a given that no matter where you travel to, there’s going to be some sort of culture shock.  It may come in the form of the use of local lingo, the language barrier (if there is one) or drinking only bottled water.  But for me, the shock hit when I realized that I had to PAY to use the public bathroom in Kadıköy – Yep!  I had to pay 1 Lira to pass through a turnstile, just to go potty.

*Do Your Homework – In my opinion, this one is the most important.  Some countries, especially if you’re going international, will require you to have a visa just to be in the country as a tourist, maybe you’re limited to a certain weight for your carry-on, or perhaps you’ll have to spend more USD than expected, just to have enough local currency. The following points have saved my behind…

  • A map app is handy to have if you’re exploring a city on foot.
  • Don’t spend beyond your means when you decide to go traveling
  • Brush up on safety tips
  • Talk to the bank (especially if you’re using your debit card)
  • Keep your friends/family updated
  • Bookmark: Travel.State.Gov – From types of travelers to emergencies & general country information, this one is super helpful to have on hand

I hope some of these things will help you on your next trip & remember:  “The only trip you will regret, is the one you don’t take.”

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