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Winter Sports Recap with Tony Hult

Written by on March 22, 2021

With the winter sports season now officially coming to a close, our own Cole Havens got to sit down with the Cody High School Athletic Director, Tony Hult, and discuss how the past few months have gone.

I’m sure most of you know, but it never gets old discussing how the Cody Winter sports season concluded.

Going back to the fall the Cody Broncs won a state title in football, two alpine skiers finished in the top 20, the Nordic ski team had two runner ups, Joseph Killpack of the swimming team set a new school record, multiple Cody wrestlers placed, and most recently the Cody Fillies just got second at the state basketball tournament.

Some could say things have gone well in Cody athletics as of late, and Tony Hult has seen a lot of the reasons why that is.

It’s the kids.

“I’ve been pleased this whole year from an effort standpoint,” Hult said, “I think right now we got a couple of classes coming through this school right now that are competitive and want to win.”

Not only did Hult stick to sports when discussing the kids but he really expanded beyond athletes speaking on the whole student body’s effort to come together for this sports season.

“We have had a great school year… I think people realized how important school is. I think kids said ‘I want to be in school’ so they haven’t gotten in trouble as much or made poor decisions… Our kids have done a great job doing what we need to do to get through the year.”

The numbers for this past sports season were up as well and Hult says the reason for that could probably be pinpointed to kids wanting to do more. Wanting to hang out with friends and be apart of something in a year where opportunities were scarce.

Specifically, regarding this special and historic Fillies basketball season, Hult said more than anything that it was great to see the girls have fun and smile. Above all else, that is the direction that Cody athletics always wants to be headed in: Having fun and making memories.

Winning is always a plus and a motivating factor but it isn’t everything.

Overall, all that mattered was playing together as a team.

“I think as adults we get political or we get our own ideas on certain things and there’s nothing wrong with that… But our kids just wanted to play. They just wanted to compete and not lose the chance to be successful.”

Hult went on to gush over the Cody fans this season and thank the community for the participants through the myriad of guidelines and different restrictions put in place. We came together as a community and made sure we could have a sports season for the kids.”

Listen to the interview between Cole Havens and Tony Hult below.

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