Hay! WYDOT Reminds Wyomingites to Get Forage Permits

Hay! WYDOT Reminds Wyomingites to Get Right-of-Way Forage Permits

Written by on March 16, 2023

Harvesting hay from Wyoming’s highways doesn’t just mean free forage for farmers but more safety for drivers and wildlife.

The Wyoming Department of Transportation reminds citizens that they are free to harvest hay from the state rights-of-way. But to do so, they must first obtain a forage permit from W.Y.D.O.T.

Allowing hay harvesting creates beneficial relationships that reduce costs to maintain public roads and provide free forage for agricultural operations. Once obtained, a forage permit enables farmers and ranchers to get free livestock forage.

I-25 Forage June 2022

Courtesy W.Y.D.O.T.

Removal of tall grasses and other plants from the right-of-way is a safety issue as well as an appearance issue.

Wildlife and other animals often move to highways when other food sources become scarce. This results in animals being struck by vehicles. Predators and scavengers inhabit these areas and are involved in other vehicle/wildlife crashes.

Furthermore, tall vegetation along highways also presents fire danger.

Fires can be started by motorists discarding burning cigarettes or vehicles with faulty exhaust systems or brakes. Fires near highways can also jump across roadways and impact adjacent property.

Adjacent landowners to W.Y.D.O.T.’s rights-of-way have until April 1 to file for a forage permit. After that, permits will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis.

All permit applications are scrutinized closely for right-of-way field conditions and requirements before a permit is issued. The permittee is required to obtain and show proof of liability insurance coverage.

The forage permit allows permit holders to mow and collect the forage free of charge through Oct. 1.

Anyone who wants to obtain a forage permit is urged to contact a regional W.Y.D.O.T. maintenance office:

  • Sheridan (307-674-2341)
  • Buffalo (307-684-2505)
  • Gillette (307-685-5942)
  • Moorcroft (307-756-3406)
  • Wright (307-464-1361)
  • Hulett (307-467-5783)
  • Sundance (307-283-1135)
  • Newcastle (307-746-3551)

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