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WYDOT: Burn Your Weeds Responsibly

Written by on March 30, 2020

WYDOT has a word of caution on spring burning.

The time of year has come for many ranchers and farmers to begin their annual agricultural weed burning. Usually it’s the Wyoming Department of Agriculture that has something to say about that, but WYDOT has another aspect of burning that needs to be considered as well – making sure fires don’t grow out of control and move onto adjacent properties, public or private. Also, fires can cause low-lying smoke that can obscure the vision of drivers.

The timing of this message isn’t out of the blue. Last week, an agricultural burn between Deaver and Garland got out of hand and burned state-owned fencing along Wyoming 114. Citizens conducting a field burn are not only responsible for what happens on their own property, they may also be held criminally and civilly liable from damages to federal and state property. This includes right-of-way fencing.

Landowners, conservation districts, and others who plan to conduct prescribed burning activities are strongly encouraged to check the latest weather forecast by calling the National Weather Service toll-free at 1-800-211-1448, and should inform local government officials, including county sheriffs’ offices of their burn plans as well.

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