Wyoming Game and Fish Invites Public to Discuss Changes

Wyoming Game and Fish Invites Public to Discuss Regulation Changes

Written by on May 16, 2023

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department will hold a public meeting in Cody on Tuesday, May 23, to discuss proposed changes to four existing regulations.

Many changes deal with vernacular and exact definitions that will be modified. A sample of each proposed change is included below:

Chapter 22 – Watercraft Regulation

The term “kill switch” is being replaced with “engine cut-off switch,” and “personal watercraft” is being modified for consistency with U. S. Coast Guard rules and national standards.

The term “watercraft” has been modified to address any mechanical propulsion system and not be limited to only propeller or jet propulsion systems for watercraft. The term “watercraft of closed construction” is being defined since the term is used within this regulation.

Chapter 44 – Regulation for Issuance of Licenses, Permits, Stamps, Tags, Preference Points, and Competitive Raffle Chances

A definition has been added for “region general elk licenses,” which allows for the creation of nonresident general elk regions to be developed within the state. Currently, nonresident general elk licenses are valid in any hunt area that allows for general license elk hunting.

A region general elk license system will combine general license hunt areas into a region designation. A regional licensing system will provide more flexibility in directing elk harvest where needed.

Chapter 46, Fishing Regulations

Fishing regulations are usually set for a two-year period unless it is necessary to reflect legislative changes in regulation. This regulation will become effective January 1, 2024, following action by the Commission in July 2023. The current Chapter 46 regulation will remain in effect through the 2023 calendar year. Following action by the Commission in July, the Department will have five (5) months to print and distribute the 2024 Fishing Regulations.

Revised definitions of “Artificial Flies and Lures” and “Bait” to avoid using the term “organic,” which has come to have a very different meaning than when this definition was originally crafted. Also corrected “food stuffs” to a single word in (a) and clarified that scented and artificial lures are considered “bait” by definition.

Chapter 47, Gray Wolf Hunting Seasons

The Commission proposes to amend the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission Gray Wolf Hunting Seasons regulation to establish annual hunting seasons, licensing limitations, gray wolf harvest registration procedures, and bag limits for the 2023 hunting season. At the time of this filing, the 2022 gray wolf harvest information is not yet available to Department managers.

Individual hunt area season dates, mortality limits, and specific hunt area limitations may be modified as a result of harvest data currently being
evaluated. Any additional proposed changes to season dates, specific hunt area limitations, mortality limits, hunt area boundaries, or other gray wolf hunting provisions shall be made available during the public comment period. An updated draft of this regulation will be available on the Department website, including all updated mortality limits, once harvest data has been evaluated.

The meeting will be held at 6 p.m. at the Cody Game and Fish office at 2 Tilden Trail. 

Written comments shall be accepted through 5 p.m. June 2 online, at public meetings, or by mailing:

Wyoming Game and Fish Department, Regulations
3030 Energy Lane
Casper, WY 82604

Copies of the proposed regulations are available on the Game and Fish website and at the Casoer address.

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