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Wyoming Leading the Nation in US Census Self Response

Written by on April 16, 2020

Wyoming has heard the call and is leading the way in the 2020 Census.

A new report from the US Census Bureau states that as of April 15th, the statewide self-response rate in Wyoming is 39.6%. This places Wyoming in a six-way tie for the highest daily total self-response rate in the nation, along with California, Iowa, Montana, Nebraska, and South Dakota. For comparison, the national overall response rate is 48.6%.

Park County has been ranked 3rd in the top ten Wyoming counties for overall self-response at this point – 47.6% of the country has already submitted their census information, with Powell leading the charge. Just over half of the town has self-responded, the 10th highest percentage for a Wyoming city. The best country response is Laramie County with 52%. The best city is Buffalo, with 59.7% self-response.

The Bureau hopes these numbers will inspire a friendly, competitive spark in everyone who wants their home to be the first to reach 100%. There’s still plenty of time and incentive to submit your census information to the US Census Bureau – it’ll spare you a door-to-door visit from a local census taker later this year.


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