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Wyoming’s Charlie Company Wants School Supplies

Written by on December 12, 2019

Wyoming soldiers aren’t asking for Christmas gifts this year – they’re asking for school supplies.

Charlie Company is the only Army infantry unit in Wyoming, and right now their maintaining peace along the border of Kosovo and Serbia. The region where they are stationed is impoverished and suspicious of Americans after the brief 1998 offensive in the country. The Lovell Chronicle reports that, in order simultaneously to build better relationships and assist their communities, they’re asking for donations of school supplies.

The unit has created an Adopt-a-School program as part of their ingratiation into Kosovo. They’re asking for donations of basic school supplies: pens, pencils, paper, coloring pencils and glue. They’re also looking for children’s education tools such as blocks, puzzles and games. And, of course, any sports equipment such as soccer balls, cones, Frisbees and jerseys is most welcome. Anything that one is able to donate that would benefit a school will be appreciated.

Charlie Company will be moving out of the region in the spring, but the program will continue afterwards, organized by a company out of Oregon.

If interested in donating supplies, Eli Varney can be contacted at eli.t.varney.mil@mail.mil or elivarney@mail.mil.

The shipping address is C-co 1/297th, CMR 12, APO, AE 09240, AEKF –FCP – CO. The subject of the package should be: Charlie Company Non-tactical Vehicle Threshholds and Mission Capability Policy.

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