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Yellowstone Releases 2020 Construction Map

Written by on March 13, 2020

Yellowstone has released their construction map for the 2020 summer season – what to expect and what to avoid.

Of immediate concern to us in Cody is the continuing construction on the East Entrance road from Fishing Bridge to Indian Village. The construction includes drainage work, parking expansion and reconstruction, and restoring the natural flow of Pelican Creek. There is not much new information since the last project update was posted on October 30th of last year. The important thing is that the project is ongoing, and will continue throughout the summer. Originally anticipated to wrap up last fall, the posted date of completion is October 2020.

Of note is the complete closure of the Tower Fall and Chittenden Road, which provides access to Mount Washburn. This road remains largely unchanged since the last improvements in the 1930s. This construction project will widen the road and provide additional/improved pullouts; create a larger, safer parking area at Tower Fall General Store; and improve the trail and overlook for Tower Fall. To do this, the 6-mile stretch will be completely closed in May 2022.

We can continue to hope for a speedy completion to this essential infrastructure work and remind ourselves that once its completed, it will hopefully bring more people and business to Cody – if it hasn’t already.

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